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Acupuncture point for early stage Tennis elbow relief

【General therapeutic effect of acupoints】

  The reason why acupuncture points can treat diseases is because it can promote blood circulation. Therefore, we often say that the disease is caused by the failure of the meridians and qi and blood. The therapeutic effects of acupuncture points can be roughly divided into local acupuncture effects, distant acupuncture effects, and special effects.We just talk about local acupuncture points to reduce the problem example as Tennis elbow.

Local acupuncture points

  The simple thing is that the acupuncture point can be used to treat the disease in that part. For example, it is like the policeman who is responsible for the streets of the district. This is the basic therapeutic effect of acupuncture points, every acupuncture point has. It can be summarized in one sentence: "Where is the treatment?"

Tennis elbow (external epicondylitis of the humerus) is an inflammation and pain of the tendon at the beginning of the extensor of the forearm outside the elbow joint. The pain is caused by a chronic tear caused by repeated forearm extensor muscles.

  "Massage WaiGuan points" for 5 mins can relieve elbow pain in the early stage of tennis elbow (external epicondylitis of humerus). --see picture.

And apply the ointment to the area, rub it slowly for 1 minute, and do it 2-3 times.

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