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Back pain, insomnia, constipation? You can improve your calf every day.

( Amazing self-healing miracle of calf: more than 460,000 witnesses! Massage the calf every day, the disease will slowly improve! )

Please gently grasp your "calf" by hand, how do you feel the touch?

Is it stiff, cold and cool? Still warm and flexible?

People who are physically and mentally healthy and sleep well every day, the calves feel "warm, soft, and elastic." On the contrary, if the calf is "colder than the palm, soft, lack of elasticity, hard knots, hard, swelling and hard lumps in the muscles, and obvious marks after finger pressing", it should be physically uncomfortable and often felt it hurts and sore anywhere, or people who have a lot of inner troubles and stress.

Now, please take a calf

for 1 minute. There should be many people who will become warm on their toes, or they will have a warmth from the back. Why do you just touch the calf and the body will become warmer? The magic of the calf is to make the blood run smoothly.

Because of the relationship between gravity and gravity, about 70% of the blood in the human body is concentrated in the lower body. The calf is like a "pump" that can take the blood slowly from the top, then resist the gravity, try to send the blood back to the heart, and keep working day and night. The function of the calf is so important that it can be said to be the "second heart" of the human body.

Stress, love to blow air, drink cold drinks, will make the calf "ill"!

Whether at home or in the office, most people sit still for longer than standing, obviously lack of exercise; otherwise, excessive exercise causes calf muscle fatigue. Life stress, love to blow air, love to drink cold drinks and other habits, will make the calf more and more weak, resulting in the formation of blood clots in the body, blood vessels will become unhealthy, increase the risk of cerebral infarction or heart disease.

In the past, "the coldness of hands and feet is the source of all diseases." Modern medicine also screams that "the body temperature drops by 1 degree, the immunity will drop by 30%, and the basal metabolism will be reduced by more than 10%." In fact, the culprit of the cold hands and feet is "blood stagnation." Just as the river does not flow, the river will become turbid, and when the blood cannot run smoothly, nutrition and hormonal transport will be hindered, blood will not be fully delivered to the end, and body temperature will decrease.

As a result, the gastrointestinal, heart, and kidneys cannot work at full capacity, so that the immunity is reduced and the cold is easy to catch, and the cancer cells will be ready to move. Affects the accumulation of fat or old waste materials in the body, causing edema and obesity. The whole body will feel discomfort and pain, and even the skin will be dull and the hair will deteriorate.

So how do you improve your blood circulation and warm your body? very simple! Just "mass calves" every day. This simple action can also adjust the autonomic nerves to greatly enhance immunity!

In addition to the calf and massage, it can eliminate the coldness and constipation of the hands and feet. Even the long-term low back pain is almost cured only after 2 times of massage. The tumor marker index of cancer has also decreased. Continuous massage every day, as well as slimming effect, can make people thin and healthy, restore the skin's luster. Children who are hard to sleep on weekdays can sleep in just 2 minutes by massaging the calf. The power of the calf is really jaw-dropping.

High blood pressure, diabetes, low back pain and other diseases, you can see the calf!

For people with high blood pressure, the calves will swell and become hard and hot. Suffering from low back pain, shoulder pain, headache, diabetes and other illnesses, or people with a lot of troubles and stress, most of the calves will be swollen, and there will be lumps inside the muscles.

5 major discomfort symptoms risk group: 1. Calf is hot and stiff, high blood pressure 2. Calf is hot but not stiff, acute inflammation, cold... 3. Calf cold and stiff , cold hands and feet, gynecological diseases, self-discipline Neurological disorders 4. Calf is cold, but soft to touch. Diabetes 5. Calf is cold and soft, but there is no elasticity. Kidney disease

does not want to die. "Massage + drink plenty of water" is the key to life!

People with frequent edema in the calves represent poor blood circulation and are prone to thrombosis (small blood clots). Like a stopper, a blood clot can't continue to circulate once it is blocked in a blood vessel. The worst case will cause "death"! In order to avoid cerebral infarction or economy class syndrome, it is necessary to develop the habit of massaging the calf; it is also necessary to take in a lot of water, because water is the most basic part of the smooth flow of blood.

Massage calf 5 key points

1. Be sure to massage from Achilles to the back of the knee to promote blood flow back to the heart.

2. With abdominal breathing, exhale when your fingers press, shrink your stomach , and inhale when your fingers are relaxed. The rhythm can't be too urgent, it should be slow.

3. It is necessary to maintain a "slightly painful but bearable" force when pressing . A person with a stiff calf can start with "friction". It is not advisable to reluctantly endure. Keep your smile while you massage to relieve muscle tension.

4. Unlimited time, place, number of massages per day. When you feel pain and uncomfortable, you must not force yourself and you must stop immediately. After bathing, the calf will be massaged when it is warm, and the effect will be better.

5. After the massage, it will become easy to sweat or urinate , so please add more water before and after the massage, it is best to drink warm water.

Every day, the calf will be massaged for 1 to 2 minutes , and the body will be better!

When working in a job, taking a bath, going to bed, or getting up, use these pieces of time to pinch and smash, and like to brush your teeth every day, develop a "natural" habit in your life.

Calf, how to press the most effective in the end" 3 big 揉 focus, easy to practice "calf self-healing massage method"

Focus one, focusing on the symptoms, focusing on different massage blocks

Basically, the inner, central and lateral parts of the calf can be massaged. For example, people with severe hands and feet should be carefully massaged on the inside of the calf; those with headache or low back should massage the outside and the central part.

Focus 2: Use the "knocks, palms" massage to lower blood pressure and prevent all diseases!

Grasping the two principles of "from bottom to top, belly breathing", you can improve your hands and feet cold and enhance immunity at any time! Use your fingers to "lightly pinch" to soften the lumps. "Mr fingers overlap, grip around" can press deep muscles, rub the calves with "knees", stimulate the acupuncture points with bare hands, and use "calf relaxation exercises" after deep massage. Doing it 2 or 3 times will make your body healthier!

Basic massage, rubbing with fingers and palms, kneading, tapping

Focus 3: Stay away from high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, and calf is your "private doctor"

When the family is not feeling well, they can ask them to help them massage the calf and observe at the same time. The calf muscles are like a thin leather bag. When the soft palate is inelastic, it means "the kidneys are not functioning well".梆梆, and it is easy to get hot, which means “high blood pressure”. If the calf is severely swollen or it is very painful if it is lightly pressed, it means low back pain, shoulder pain, headache, diabetes and other diseases, or more troubles and stress. Let's do a full-body health check for your family at this time!

Press "back of the knee" and the radish legs become slim

Because the calf is too thick, people who feel inferior should be quite a lot? In fact, the main cause of thick legs is "edema." Therefore, the prerequisite is to discharge the old waste materials and water accumulated in the calves and improve the lymph circulation.

The most effective way to improve the lymphatic circulation is to take a bath (maintaining a warm water level below the chest, and a half-length bath for 40 minutes). At the same time, both hands "from Achilles to the back of the knee", gently back and forth. Rub it several times and press it carefully with your fingers.

Next, press the part that feels "a little pain" behind the knee, press it and release it. Repeat the above actions carefully. Achilles kneels to the calf behind the knee and has many acupuncture points that metabolize the body and old waste. Especially after pressing the back of the knee, the effect of detoxification is particularly good.

In addition, the increase in body temperature after bathing will promote blood circulation, so the lymphatic massage method before and after taking a bath will double the effect of detoxification. At the same time, please remember to add water in a timely manner, a small amount of warm water or boiling water at room temperature.

People who often have low back pain, the calves must be very stiff.

Aching patches, low back pain gymnastics, low back pain bands, low-frequency therapy devices, etc., can be done, but people who have low back pain are still in large numbers.

The term low back pain is simple, but it can be subdivided into various types such as chronic low back pain, disc herniation, and sciatica. But most of the fuses are weak in the waist muscles that support the bones, causing improper force. As a result, muscle tension, intervertebral discs, narrowing of the spine, and painful symptoms occur.

Sitting in front of a computer or TV for a long time, poor posture, increasing age, etc., affected by various reasons, the number of low back pain is increasing. Still, as many as 15 million people suffer from low back pain, which is quite amazing!

Stretch your calves every day to relax your muscles around your spine

The muscles of the calf are deeply affected by the waist. People who have low back pain, or those who are vaguely about to start low back pain, are mostly unbalanced in the muscles that support the waist. Therefore, the height of the left and right pelvis is inconsistent with the position of the muscle joint, resulting in an inability to support the waist evenly.

Under the vicious circle, the calves of both feet should help to bear the uneven weight, which causes a great burden. When the calf is pressed, the ability to deliver blood will be weakened and the muscles will be fatigued. Causes blood circulation to stagnate and edema of the feet. If you don't walk a few steps, you will feel tired and your calves will often cramp. The ankle feels a burden at the same time, causing pain in the sole or heel.

But think backwards, stretching the calf can promote blood circulation, and can relax the muscles around the spine and relieve low back pain. Recently, will you feel the waist is stuffy? Those who answer "Meet" will come to do stretching exercises to prevent low back pain.

Slowly stretch the ribs and stimulate the waist muscles from the calf

Most of the pain in the lower back is from the gastrocnemius muscle, so it is necessary to stretch the gastrocnemius muscle and moderately stimulate the waist muscles. People with chronic low back pain can be quite uncomfortable when stretching. Don't worry, don't be too reluctant, please patience every day, your back pain will improve.

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