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COVID-19, Traditional Chinese Medicine physiology, and how to protect yourself

The COVID-19 pandemic has overtaken the global news cycle, and we'd like to share this briefer on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how to use its concepts to keep yourself and your family prepared during this outbreak.


The Chinese Medical Advancement Foundation 中華醫藥促進基金會 (CMAF) aims to promote Chinese and Western medicine education, research, and preventive health care in Taiwan. CMAF’s origins and history date back to the American Bureau for Medical Aid in China before WWII. In 1982, the CMAF was officially founded by a group of Taiwanese medical experts and business professionals to collaborate with the ABMAC to promote advancements in medicine in Taiwan. Since 2003, CMAF organized series of "Traditional Medicine and Modern Medicine Dialogue Forum" to invite in-depth dialogue between experts from Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Recently since 2014, more Integrative Medicine International Forums was held, demonstrating the continued efforts in the integration of traditional and modern medicine to this day. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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