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What is Cupping Massage Therapy

The Cupping Massage therapy is a cup and can used as a tool. Apply a proper amount of lubricant to the cup and the lesion, and use the heat to remove the air, generate a negative pressure, so that it is absorbed on the skin, and then push the cup to the lesion by hand. The part slides back and forth to cause flushing or congestion of the skin to achieve a method of preventing disease. It is developed from ancient cupping therapy, also known as push can therapy, which is widely used in modern applications. What are the mechanisms and benefits of walking cans?

Mechanism of cupping massage therapy

Through the strong negative pressure, the cupping is stimulated by pulling and squeezing the affected parts, which is beneficial to quickly clear the meridians, balance the yin and yang, regulate the viscera, promote blood circulation, and enhance the endocrine function through the conduction of the nervous system. Immune cells, thereby improving their immune function and disease resistance, to reduce the incidence of disease.After cupping, there will be red, yellow, black, white, purple black and other imprints on the skin different from normal skin color. We call it Detoxification; white means heavy moisture, yellow means toxic, red and purple represent blood stasis.

Benefits of the back cupping massage therapy

The back is the main component of the human torso. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the gathering place of the large meridians of the back of the human body; in the theory of western medicine, the back is an important gathering area of ​​the nervous system, the meridian system, the immune system and the like. Therefore, the back is an important health care zone for the human body. The spine is the main body of the back, with the central nervous system distributed. There are also many pairs of nerves distributed on both sides of the body, which are distributed to various parts of the body to transmit information such as excitement and inhibition between the brain and various tissues and organs. Chinese medicine also believes that the spine in the middle of the back has the function of commanding, regulating, and communicating with other yang. It is very important, and the bladder on both sides of the spine passes through the whole body. The corresponding reaction points of the internal organs are distributed on the Back-Yu point, which can reflect the function of any viscera pathological changes. In addition, modern medical research has also proved that there are a lot of "sleeping" immune cells hidden under the epidermis of the back. Without stimulation, these immune cells are dormant and cannot be perceived by humans. Once they are received, they are treated with benignity. Stimulating, he is activated to participate in the blood circulation, becoming a reticulocyte with the ability to phagocytose foreign bodies, can eliminate harmful bacteria, thereby improving the body's immunity.

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